Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday 8 November

I did some foam rolling for my legs before heading out this morning. It was painful but made such a big difference to how long I could run for. Unfortunately my running got cut short as TJ bumped into one of his friends (Mia, a boxer) so I slowed down to walk with her owner.

6.15: lemon water, Combust, BCAAs

- foam rolling
- run
- walk with TJ

8.00: banana shake (soy milk, banana, water, berry Metamucil, BCAAs)

8.15: shower and get dressed

10.45: oat-bran porridge with soy milk and mixed berries

12.00: fibre drink, pear

1.45: gluten-free wrap with hummus, falafels, wheat-free tabouleh and chilli sauce; red cabbage

4.30: fibre drink, apple, almonds

7.30: leftover okra curry, tofu and basmati rice

10.00: mandarin


Chelle said...

Hey girl, what gluten free wraps do you buy? ;-)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Chelle, they are made by Old Time Bakery - I buy them from Woolworths. Their website is
Cheers, C

Chelle said...

Cool thanks for that!

Charlotte Orr said...

No worries!