Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday 22 November

My glands aren't up any more, but am still feeling a bit low in energy - just doing foam rolling this morning tired me out! I substituted my planned 20-minute walk/jog with a powerwalk.

For breakfast I had a Bfast Cookie. I used a tablespoon each of maca powder and hemp seeds as my mix-ins.

About mid-morning I had this really pressing need to urinate. I was on my way to drop off some work at the time but was very relieved to get there and use the bathroom!

When I got home I did a bit of Googling and confirmed my suspicion that maca is also a diuretic. The last time I felt like that was when I was taking dandelion root as a natural diuretic to dry me out before competing. So looks like I'll have to start with a smaller amount and work upwards!

For morning tea I had a protein shake (Vega).

Lunch was the same as yesterday (a warm roast veggie salad with eggplant, zucchini, red capsicum, red pepper, chickpeas, and olive-oil based dressing)

For afternoon tea I had Soyco tofu (Japanese flavour), cucumber, celery, carrot, sugarsnap peas, hummus

Before dinner I headed out on another (longer) walk. It was over 30 degrees today, so I opted for a walk along the Craigieburn Wetlands, where it was nice and shady. This time I took my camera! There are big river gums like this all along the walking track

Lately I've been finding Sunday afternoons are a great time to pick up marked-down protein at our supermarket. I scored some snapper skewers reduced to half-price, so we had them for dinner tonight, with periperi butter (made with Flora pro-active and Nando's periperi sauce), plus some cabbage salad

I've been reading a bit of stuff by Brendan Brazier recently (via his Thrive in 30 emails), and liked this suggestion of his:

"Find an activity you truly love, one that genuinely fits with who you are and what you’re about, and you’ll look forward to doing it so much, you won’t waste your creativity coming up with another excuse not to do it—instead, you’ll find creative ways to work it into your busiest schedule!" (Brendan Brazier)

I love walking (and weight training, of course). What's your favourite activity?


lastchancetraining said...

Hi Charlotte,

I like a bit of everything, especially the odd RPM class.

Liz :)

Kathleen said...

I love walking, running and swimming.