Thursday, December 26, 2013

Xmas Day Food

All made by me!

Garlic prawn salad

Prawn racks

Chocolate pavlova


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Garden Update

In September I set up some raised garden beds in our back yard:

We planted some seedlings in early October, and after a false start (the mulch made great hiding spots for earwigs, which nibbled all the green leafy veges), they're growing well.

The back bed (to the left of the compost bin) has beetroot and lettuce, the middle bed has parsley, coriander and bok choy, and the front bed has three different kinds of tomatoes. We've been harvesting the coriander for a week or so now, and will have the first of the bok choy tonight.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

FFF Final Check In

17-22 December

Managed to do four 45-minute sessions of swimming and daily foam rolling this week (although I had to miss out on some walks with Rob and TJ to get it all done since I also had a reasonably busy workload this week). I was dreading increasing my swimming time this week (as I find it so tiring) but I actually really enjoyed it. My fitness must be increasing.

So here are my final results

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

25th November 57.5

2nd December 57.3

8th December 57

16th December 57.2 (period)

23rd December 56.3

A total loss of 2.8kg over 7 weeks, or 400g per week.

I didn’t take an official ‘before’ photo – the most recent one is from when we were on holiday in late June, when I was about 58kg

24 June front

And here’s an ‘after’ from this morning

23 Dec 2012 2

Welcome back abs!

Here’s what I ate and how I exercised. My main goals were to lose a bit of weight, increase mobility in my spine and decrease my cholesterol.

On rising: Glisodin (antioxidant)

Foam rolling and dead bugs

Swimming and/or walk with Rob and TJ

Breakfast: fresh squeezed lemon juice with warm water; ‘muesli’ made with 1/3 cup oats, 1 Tbsp nuts/seeds, 1 Tbsp shredded coconut, 150g fresh fruit, cinnamon; 1 krill oil, 1 B complex

Snack: smoothie made with 1 cup Pura HeartActive milk, 200g (1 pottle) Jalna Proheart vanilla yoghurt, approx 75g banana, approx 75g frozen blueberries, large handful baby spinach, 4 tsp psyllium, 1 tsp probiotic powder

Lunch: sandwich made with 2 small slices grainy bread (80g total) spread with Flora pro-active Buttery (10g total), canned salmon (40g) or a boiled egg, and salad veg; carrot

Snack: 20g nuts

Dinner: 100g protein (measured raw) or 100g canned legumes, 1 tsp oil/spread, half a cup rice/pasta (measured cooked) or 150g potato/sweet potato, unlimited vegetables. Fish a couple of times a week and vegetarian meals a couple of times a week. Forty grams cheese (full fat) per week, usually spread over a couple of meals, eg parmesan cheese on spaghetti bolognese.

Indulgences: 4 indulgences (approx 450 kilojoules each) per week.  Usually wine or hot chocolate.

Other: If I had a particularly active day and I was hungrier than usual, I had a small snack after dinner. 

I haven’t had a chance to visit the doctor this week to arrange to get my cholesterol rechecked so no news there, but am happy with my weight loss and increase in mobility. Will keep on this path and see where it takes me…

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Double Update

2nd December to 15 December

Over the last two weeks I’ve gone from doing lengths with a flutterboard to actually swimming, and this past week I did four sessions of 30 minutes instead of three.

Have really been enjoying the swimming but it does increase my appetite, and so does all the painting I’ve been doing (am onto the lounge now), and it being that time of the month doesn’t help either. So I’ve been eating more when I’ve been extra hungry – I want to lose weight but not kill myself doing it!

Had a planned Xmas BBQ to go to on Saturday 8th December so instead of weighing myself on Sunday the 9th I weighed in on the 8th instead.

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

25th November 57.5

2nd December 57.3

8th December 57

16th December 57.2 (period)

For the last week of the FFF I’ll try doing four sessions of 45 minutes swimming, but I really need to focus on my foam rolling and dead bugs as I’ve slipped a bit on these recently and they’ve got to be my priority for my back health.

Have a good week!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

F3 Update

25th November to 1st December
Most of my four indulgences this week have been of the chocolate variety: one of Rob’s students gave him some chocolate for a ‘Thank you’, so I had some of that on two nights, a hot chocolate on another night, plus a glass of wine. I also ate a bit extra on the days that I did sanding and painting. Progress so far:
4th November 59.1
11th November 58.1
18th November 58.4 (period)
25th November 57.5
2nd December 57.3
Just a 200g drop on the scales after this week’s efforts, so will increase my exercise sessions from three to four and see what effect that has.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

F3 Check In

18th November to 24th November

This week I upped my exercise intensity from three sessions of pool walking for 30 minutes to doing lengths with a kickboard (flutterboard) for 30 minutes. I also did a bit of extra physical activity in the form of sanding and painting our dining room.

My four indulgences this week were two glasses of wine, one hot chocolate and one homemade protein ball.  I also had a little extra for dinner on the two days I did the sanding and painting. 

All in all I must have got the balance about right as I had a pleasing drop in weight this week. Progress so far:

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

24th November 57.5

Will carry on the same this week and see how I get on.

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FFF update

11th November to 17th November

Have been a bit hungry this week, as I usually am just before my period arrives. Made sure I had more carb-heavy dinners this week to stave off the carb-and-fat cravings I usually have at this time of the month.

Sun – Sweet potato and lentil cakes



Mon – Gluten-free beef lasagne



Tue – Lentil moussaka



Wed – Salmon, rice and salad with sweet chilli and ginger sauce



Thu – Baked beans on toast



Fri – Curried mince on rice



Sat – Salmon stir-fry


Indulgences this week were the same as last week: three glasses of wine and a hot chocolate.

In terms of exercise, I only did two of the three sessions of pool walking I planned for the week (too wiped out from my period to do the third) but did foam rolling and dog walking most days.

I’ve sorted out my not-filling-enough afternoon-snack issue by adding more psyllium and water to my morning smoothie, and having half for my morning snack and half for my afternoon snack (along with some nuts).

Having more carbs at dinner (and less protein) has helped reduce my snacking in the evenings as I feel more satisfied after dinner.

Briefly saw the 57s this week but weight this morning was up to 58.4 with period puffiness. So progress so far is

4th November 59.1

11th November 58.1

18th November 58.4 (period)

So far I’ve been doing low intensity pool walking, but will try moderate intensity this week and see what effect that has.

Have a good week!