Thursday, October 29, 2009

Combating Obesity with Folinic Acid

Dr Peter Tunbridge recently appeared on Today Tonight to discuss the benefits of using folinic acid as part of an effective weight management program to combat obesity.

Outlined below is a brief summary of the discussion.

Obesity is a multifactorial condition caused by a number of factors such as:

-Hormone imbalances
-Insulin resistance

Genetic influences can affect hormone balance, a large contributing factor to age-associated weight gain. It is believed that up to 50% of the population may have polymorphisms in the MTHFR gene. This leads to an inability to utilise and metabolise folic acid and ineffective methylation. In turn this may contribute to excess oestrogen levels, fluid retention, insulin resistance and weight gain.

Folinic acid is a metabolically active form of folic acid, and is able to be utilized by people with MTHFR polymorphisms. By promoting healthy methylation and metabolism of oestrogens, folinic acid has the potential to be highly effective in supporting weight management for conditions associated with hormone imbalances.

For more information on folinic acid, click this link

Source: Bio Concepts Pty Ltd.

The full transcript from the story can be found here

I have the MTHFR polymorphism and am currently taking Dr Vera's Activated B Complex, which contains folinic acid and other B vitamins

More Water

Last year I did the Excelgene GeneElite test to learn more about my physical make-up to help me with my training goals. While I had tried to apply as many of the recommendations in my report as possible, I felt like I hadn't got as much out of it as I could have. So yesterday I met with Paul Beaver and Matt Patti from Fit Genes. We concluded that I have been doing the right things with my diet (adding a supplement containing folic acid and B vitamins, ensuring my diet contains regular portions of cruciferous and allium veges, and eating antioxidant-rich foods). But there are a few areas where I could improve. One is my water consumption.

While I drink about 2 litres of water a day, apparently it's not enough for me (my skin isn't as hydrated as it could be). I need to drink more water to help my body flush out waste (my detoxification mechanisms are poor) and reduce body fat. Having diluted Gatorade will help me stay hydrated during training.

So my challenge now is to drink more water and tweak my workout drink (am currently having straight BCAAs). Am also going to build in a sauna recovery session to help sweat out toxins.

In other news, I'm currently editing a slow cooker recipe book (1001 recipes!), and I received Oscar's ashes today. He is sitting on my desk as I type.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Afternoon Delight

This afternoon the idea of a choc-dipped banana popped into my head. So I mixed up a scoop of choc protein powder with enough water to make a paste (I used Sun Warrior rice protein but I'm sure it would work with any choc protein powder), then spread it all over my banana (messy job but you get to lick your fingers afterwards!) then placed it on a sheet of foil sprayed with cooking oil spray. I very loosely wrapped the foil over the banana then placed it in the freezer for a couple of hours. The result - hard on the outside (like chocolate ice cream topping), soft on the inside. A yummy preworkout snack.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oscar has left the building

He was taken away today to be cremated. It's strange not having him around. I've worked from home for the last five years and I'm used to him coming in and interupting me all the time, wanting to be fed or to go outside or sit on my lap. It's very quiet now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Oscar

Oscar, my 13-year-old cat, always sleeps by my stomach. When I went to bed last night he was still outside and when I woke up this morning he wasn't on the bed, so I went looking for him. I found him under one of the bushes in the back yard. He had been moving quite slowly the last day or two, but I thought it was due to the sudden increase in temperature we've had the last couple of days. Prior to that he was full of energy - he caught a mouse last week and brought it inside to play with. He had been deteriorating mentally over the last few months though. He'd try to get my attention, then when I got up after him he'd just wander aimlessly around. Or he'd stand by his food bowl meowing for food, but when you put it down for him he'd wander off. I will miss his warm little body sitting on my lap, and snuggling up to me at night. Even Rob, who never wanted a cat in the first place, had grown quite attached to him. I'm sure TJ will miss his furry little brother too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vegan Day

Long time no post. Over the last two weeks I've been really tired from TOM, daylight savings, being sick and coordinating an in-house job (which I had to travel an hour each way to). I've done very little exercise (poor TJ has missed his morning walks, and so have I) and while my eating has been good during the day, I've been eating a lot at night (some good, some not so good), and I'm up a kilo from where I was two weeks ago. I finally felt balanced again after having a vegan day yesterday. Had a decent amount of carbs in the first two meals of the day, and some nuts mid-afternoon, which set me up well so that I wasn't craving anything by the end of the day. I think being off the dairy was good for me too.

Friday's food (no animal products)

8am mug of warm water with juice from half a lemon

9am chocolate Sun Warrior protein mixed with Vital Greens in 2 cups water; one large slice fruit toast

12.15pm sweet potato and leek soup

4.30pm cashews, orange

8.30pm glass of champagne to celebrate finishing my project; tofu and vege stirfry

10.30pm mocha pudding made with coffee powder, chocolate Sun Warrior protein, LSA

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Weight 62.5 (down 0.6) Feeling great!

New goal is 60kg before we leave for New Zealand on 19 November.

See it. Be it.