Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Water

Last year I did the Excelgene GeneElite test to learn more about my physical make-up to help me with my training goals. While I had tried to apply as many of the recommendations in my report as possible, I felt like I hadn't got as much out of it as I could have. So yesterday I met with Paul Beaver and Matt Patti from Fit Genes. We concluded that I have been doing the right things with my diet (adding a supplement containing folic acid and B vitamins, ensuring my diet contains regular portions of cruciferous and allium veges, and eating antioxidant-rich foods). But there are a few areas where I could improve. One is my water consumption.

While I drink about 2 litres of water a day, apparently it's not enough for me (my skin isn't as hydrated as it could be). I need to drink more water to help my body flush out waste (my detoxification mechanisms are poor) and reduce body fat. Having diluted Gatorade will help me stay hydrated during training.

So my challenge now is to drink more water and tweak my workout drink (am currently having straight BCAAs). Am also going to build in a sauna recovery session to help sweat out toxins.

In other news, I'm currently editing a slow cooker recipe book (1001 recipes!), and I received Oscar's ashes today. He is sitting on my desk as I type.


ss2306 said...

Hi Oscar

That's beautiful that he is with you as you work and play.

You're never alone.

Good luck with increasing the water. Hope the loo doesn't call too often.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Shelley

Lucky I work from home, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem and got the same result as you Charlotte. Here's what my naturopath/nutritionist wrote down for me that might interest/benefit you:

"MTHFR – a very important enzyme that plays a big part in long term health. Means your methylation capacity is poor. Methylation is involved in heart health, but also detoxification, hormone production and clearance, healthy brain function, cancer predispostion among other things. Can’t stress how important it will be to supplement with MTHF, B6 and B12 FOR LIFE! It’s important to get the converted form of folic acid (not the regular type), always look for 5-methyl tetra hydra folate (MTHF). Tony (my hubby who does BioSignature, is having fantastic results, in regards to fat loss and estrogen detoxification, especially in women after supplementing methylators in those with defective MTHFR gene.)"

She prescribed Thorne Research Methyl-Guard (, I take one tablet three times a day FOR LIFE.

Odin's ashes are here at home with us with my previous dogs ashes Scooter. We're taking them both with us at xmas back home to Queensland and releasing their ashes together up at my in-laws property so they can be together forever and happy. I hope having him with you at home brings you some comfort at this difficult time.


Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lia,

I am taking Dr Vera's Activated B Complex at the moment (also a methylated product) but I will look into the one you suggested. Who is your naturopath?



Anonymous said...

Lawrey Calabro in at Evelyn Faye (Burke Street). She's married to a bodybuilder and is either trained or familiar with gene elites genetic profiling. xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lia, I go into that store a bit and think I remember meeting Lawrey.

Anonymous said...

She's recently had her first baby so she's only working casual hours I think. If she's not there then ask for Ian. He owns the store and is a pharmacist with a real flare for all things natural. Lindy introduced me to him and Lawrey and I haven't looked back since. xxx