Friday, April 30, 2010


For breakfast I had empty almond butter jar oatmeal, based on Sheila’s recipe:

29April2010 008 

My morning snack was coffee with lactose-free milk and Vanilla Pecan Cookies

29April2010 001 

For lunch I had Bean and Corn Succotash (recipe from Teresa Cutter’s 80/20 Diet book):

29April2010 002 

My afternoon snack was a mix of choc rice protein, cocoa and cherries, drizzled with warm almond butter:

29April2010 003 


For dinner I had Vegetable Curry (adapted from Teresa Cutter’s 80/20 Diet book):

29April2010 004 

and half of a large pear:

29April2010 006

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Clothes Shopping Done

My Brief

Autumn/winter clothes: warm pants and tops, and a couple of sweaters and jackets. Also, I work from home, so I'm mostly after smart casual clothes that don't require ironing. Not too many synthetics though.


10 items, $83 total spend

Country Road extra fine merino skivvy, grey, $11:

29April2010 001

Blue Illusion wool jumper, blue, $10:

29April2010 005

Endless Spirit shrug, pink, $5:

29April2010 003 

Sportsgirl lambswool jumper, pink, $8:

29April2010 004

Fletcher Jones Woman puffer vest, navy, $7:

29April2010 008

Harry Who wool blend pants, charcoal, $8:

29April2010 011

Venus fully lined wool trousers with side zip, fawn with brown fleck, $9:

29April2010 010

Sussan polyester/viscose/elastane trousers with belt, brown with fawn fleck, $7:

29April2010 009

necklace, $10:

29April2010 006

handbag, $10:

29April2010 007

Mix and Match

grey top with pink shrug worn as scarf:

29April2010 002

grey top with pink jumper:

29April2010 016

grey top with vest:

29April2010 015

blue top with necklace:

29April2010 012

blue top with handbag:

29April2010 013

blue top with vest:

29April2010 014

Looking forward to being nice and toasty in my new clothes!


Rob and I both had the morning free so we had a sleep-in then Rob brought me coffee in bed (bless). When I finally got up I had cheesy bacon oatmeal:

28April2010 002

plus a ruby red grapefruit:

 28April2010 003

I quite like this combo before a workout. It sits lightly in my stomach but keeps me going through my prehab exercises, weights and interval training. I’ve been doing kettlebell (or in my case, dumbell) swings for my intervals – they’re challenging but (weirdly) enjoyable.

Afterwards I had a shake with rice protein and banana:

 28April2010 004

followed by a stir-fry with garlic, chilli flakes, curry powder, broccoli, cabbage, tamari, sunflower seed butter and soba (buckwheat) noodles:

28April2010 005 

About 2/3 of the way through it I realised I’d forgotten to put in the spicy tofu I had planned to add during cooking, so just sliced some up and added it cold to the dish.

For dinner we had bean and corn enchiladas (thanks to Michelle for the suggestion):

28April2010 006 

I made these with white corn tortillas, which don’t roll well, but the dish still tasted good – Rob didn’t realise they were missing meat until his second helping!

I felt like having ice cream tonight, so I improvised. I blended together natural rice protein, water, almond essence, stevia and frozen cherries with a stab mixer, then mixed in some pecans. It was a bit runny, but still tasted good – I had two of these:

28April2010 007

Am still feeling a bit tired but think I’ve avoided getting Rob’s cold.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here’s the result of yesterday’s training:

27April2010 003 

Breakfast today was Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal:

27April2010 001 

and a grapefruit:

27April2010 002 

My morning snack was Vanilla Pecan Cookies and a coffee with lactose-free milk:

27April2010 007 

Lunch was a salad with black beans, lettuce, kale, coriander, avocado, pumpkin seeds, red onion, salsa and tofu:

 27April2010 008

Think I will have to do a warm lunch next week – salad doesn’t cut it in the cold weather. Even TJ has been feeling the cold:

27April2010 005

My afternoon snack was almond butter mixed with natural rice protein, and a pear:

27April2010 009 

Dinner was Taco Meatloaf (yum!) and steamed silver beet stalks pureed with garlic and a bit of milk:

27April2010 011 

and an orange:

27April2010 010

By the end of the day I felt quite tired – better not be coming down with Rob’s cold!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Breakfast today was something different, Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal:

26April2010 001

and a ruby red grapefruit:

26April2010 002

They made a nice change from the sweet breakfasts I’ve been having lately.

The gym was busy today, being a public holiday. Luckily all the boys were doing chest, so I was able to use the squat rack to do my rack pulls. Unfortunately all my long pants were in the wash, so I had to wear knee-length shorts, and ended up with grazed shins.

After my workout  I had a shake with chocolate rice protein and banana:

26April2010 004

followed by a toasted gluten-free wrap filled with spicy tofu and sweet potato, and some leftover broccoli from last night:

26April2010 005

In the afternoon we went to visit our friends Vanessa and Brendon. For my birthday they gave me a subscription to the new MasterChef magazine, so I’m looking forward to that arriving in our letterbox. While there I had a snack of chocolate rice protein, cocoa, cherries and pecans:

26April2010 006 

It was quite cool this evening so I whipped up some yellow split pea and coconut milk soup for dinner, and had some gluten-free toast with cheese on the side:

26April2010 007 

Later I had some vanilla pecan cookies and a carrot:

26April2010 008

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Breakfast today was bircher muesli (a bit runny ’cause I only decided to make it this morning):

 25April2010 001

For morning tea I had a mix of protein powder, cocoa and peanut butter, plus a pear:

25April2010 002 

Earlier in the week I liked the look of Meghann’s tortilla, which was filled with hummus, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, kale, swiss cheese, and then grilled. I made one for lunch today, using a gluten-free wrap instead of tortilla, and it was delicious:

 25April2010 003

For afternoon tea I made Vanilla Pecan Cookies and had two with some celery:

25April2010 004 

(plus another cookie, unpictured)

The goji berries and pecans were nice little surprises in the cookies.

Dinner was roast pork, sweet potato and broccoli:

25April2010 005

plus some gluten-free choc-chip cookies straight out of the oven (x 2):

25April2010 006