Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Clothes Shopping Done

My Brief

Autumn/winter clothes: warm pants and tops, and a couple of sweaters and jackets. Also, I work from home, so I'm mostly after smart casual clothes that don't require ironing. Not too many synthetics though.


10 items, $83 total spend

Country Road extra fine merino skivvy, grey, $11:

29April2010 001

Blue Illusion wool jumper, blue, $10:

29April2010 005

Endless Spirit shrug, pink, $5:

29April2010 003 

Sportsgirl lambswool jumper, pink, $8:

29April2010 004

Fletcher Jones Woman puffer vest, navy, $7:

29April2010 008

Harry Who wool blend pants, charcoal, $8:

29April2010 011

Venus fully lined wool trousers with side zip, fawn with brown fleck, $9:

29April2010 010

Sussan polyester/viscose/elastane trousers with belt, brown with fawn fleck, $7:

29April2010 009

necklace, $10:

29April2010 006

handbag, $10:

29April2010 007

Mix and Match

grey top with pink shrug worn as scarf:

29April2010 002

grey top with pink jumper:

29April2010 016

grey top with vest:

29April2010 015

blue top with necklace:

29April2010 012

blue top with handbag:

29April2010 013

blue top with vest:

29April2010 014

Looking forward to being nice and toasty in my new clothes!


Michelle said...

WOW. Where in the world do you get $10 sweaters!?
Nice work

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Michelle, I'm able to get good-quality 'pre-owned' clothes near where I live. Let me know if there's something you're looking for - I might be able to help out!

Shaboom said...

Bargain!! Loved all your pics with combo's. I'm definatley keen to check out your little shop when I'm down in July :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Shannon, glad you liked the pics! Look forward to catching up with you in July!

Anonymous said...

Would love to know the name of this shop, it's a must visit. :o) xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lia, I visited a couple of places. I might be selling similar things online soon, so will post about that when it happens. Cheers, Charlotte