Monday, April 26, 2010


Breakfast today was something different, Cheesy Bacon Oatmeal:

26April2010 001

and a ruby red grapefruit:

26April2010 002

They made a nice change from the sweet breakfasts I’ve been having lately.

The gym was busy today, being a public holiday. Luckily all the boys were doing chest, so I was able to use the squat rack to do my rack pulls. Unfortunately all my long pants were in the wash, so I had to wear knee-length shorts, and ended up with grazed shins.

After my workout  I had a shake with chocolate rice protein and banana:

26April2010 004

followed by a toasted gluten-free wrap filled with spicy tofu and sweet potato, and some leftover broccoli from last night:

26April2010 005

In the afternoon we went to visit our friends Vanessa and Brendon. For my birthday they gave me a subscription to the new MasterChef magazine, so I’m looking forward to that arriving in our letterbox. While there I had a snack of chocolate rice protein, cocoa, cherries and pecans:

26April2010 006 

It was quite cool this evening so I whipped up some yellow split pea and coconut milk soup for dinner, and had some gluten-free toast with cheese on the side:

26April2010 007 

Later I had some vanilla pecan cookies and a carrot:

26April2010 008


Michelle said...

Cheesy bacon oatmeal? Sounds interesting.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Michelle, it was a bit like risotto. I think smoked chicken would be nice in place of the bacon.