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Monday, April 12, 2010

Intuitive Eating

‘When the idea of “bad” food is discarded, it often removes the punishing cycle of restricting and gorging. Why? Because when we acknowledge that a food is available to us whenever we want, we can begin to select a variety of foods we enjoy and become the expert of our own body.’ Read more


This morning we took TJ for a quick walk down the bike track. When we got home I made my breakfast – a white corn tortilla filled with refried beans, heated and topped with salsa, with a side of carrot sticks:

12April2010 003

For a snack I had apple slices and peanut butter:

12April2010 001

Lunch was a salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, chickpeas, tofu and an olive-oil dressing:

12April2010 002

I made it to the gym today – yay! I only got to do two days of my new program before I got sick, so just started it again today.

After training my snack was a banana berry smoothie (banana, berries, raisins, rainbow chard, protein powder, cinnamon):

12April2010 004

Dinner was grilled chicken, grilled tomato, and corn and sweet-potato fritters:

12April2010 006

My eyes were bigger than my tummy – I couldn’t eat the second fritter, but Rob and Cleary were happy to share it!

My evening snack was protein powder, cocoa, cherries and walnuts (and a bit too much water):

12April2010 007

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