Sunday, April 25, 2010


Weight is down 1.6kg since last Saturday. Not surprising really, since I evacuated the entire contents of my stomach on Thursday and hardly ate anything on Friday. I’m feeling quite ‘ribby’ at the moment.

This morning for breakfast I had a smoothie with peanut butter, Sun Warrior protein, banana, 100% fruit blueberry jam, silverbeet, flax meal, cocoa, almonds and water. I also had a slice of multigrain toast spread with almond butter:

24April2010 004

Lunch was a piece of frittata with mushrooms, spinach and basil, with some sundried tomatoes and capers sprinkled on top:

24April2010 006

In the afternoon we went to the Brunswick Green for birthday drinks with our neighbours. Here’s the view from the back of the garden bar:

24April2010 009

I had a glass of pinot noir:

24April2010 007

and picked up a small pizza from the place next door. It had artichokes, tomato, goats cheese, eggplant, garlic, pumpkin and sundried tomatoes:

24April2010 005

When we got home I had a custard apple:

24April2010 008

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