Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even the dog eats healthy food

For breakfast I had a yummy cherry almond smoothie (cherries, banana, rainbow chard, almonds, almond essence, sesame seeds and water):

11April2010 001

followed by one serve of Apple Fritter Oatmeal Pancakes (I topped mine with a bit of low-fat Greek yoghurt):

11April2010 004

I only used half of the amount of stevia in the recipe and still found it super-sweet and ended up giving half of my pancake to Rob. If I made these again I would use 1 tsp of stevia rather than the 1 Tbsp in the recipe.

TJ helped clean up the leftovers by eating the apple peel!

11April2010 002

11April2010 003

Then I found a patch of sun on the couch and read the paper while listening to Lounge radio on Foxtel.

Later I had a snack of some hummus and veges:

11April2010 005

Then we took TJ for a walk down to the shops to pick up some groceries. After we got home we popped next door for a drink:

11April2010 007

TJ and Ollie had a great time playing with each other:

11April2010 008

11April2010 012

When we got home I made dinner. To use up the last of the tempeh I made tempeh tacos (using white corn tortillas). I enjoyed eating the tempeh this way:

11April2010 006

***Edited to add a snack of peanut butter and sliced apple:

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