Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Happy Birthday to Us! Rob and I have our birthdays on the same day; he is just a year older than me. Since his is the even-year birthday this year, it was his choice what to do.

We both took the day off work, and after getting up I had a homemade protein bar and coffee:

21April2010 001 

Then Rob and TJ walked me to the gym. I took my camera with me since we were going to be going out for brunch afterwards. I love the light in the bathrooms at the gym – I feel like I look bigger and leaner there than in any other mirror!

21April2010 006

21April2010 004

After my workout Rob met me at the gym then we caught the tram to Brunswick to our favourite cafe, Green. For brunch I had pistachio and cranberry toasted muesli:

21April2010 003 

and fruit toast:

21April2010 005 

The food was delicious but we had two women sitting at the table next to us gossiping loudly in a really negative way and it brought the atmosphere down. We were glad when they left.

After relaxing a bit we caught the tram into the city. We had a late lunch at Grill’d at Melbourne Central. I had a Field of Dreams burger – grilled field mushroom, roasted peppers, basil pesto, tasty cheese, salad and herbed mayo, on a gluten-free bun:

21April2010 007

The top bun on the burger was huge and I didn’t eat it all:

21April2010 008

I had my water though!

21April2010 010

We are both Hoyts Club members, which gives us a free ticket to any movie at any Hoyts theatre on our birthdays. Rob wanted to see Book of Eli, and it was showing in the Director’s Suite at Melbourne Central at 4pm today. We had the whole theatre to ourselves!

21April2010 011

The movie was pretty good – I didn’t know much about it before seeing it, so the content was quite intriguing and there was an interesting twist at the end. In saying that though, I probably wouldn’t pay full price to see it at the movies. And it was quite violent, so be warned!

After the movie we caught the train home. We talked about birthday cake on the train, so when we got home I started flicking through the ‘sweets’ section of my folder of recipes. I had been thinking of flourless chocolate cake, and Rob had mentioned banana or carrot cake, all of which would have required leaving the house again to get the necessary ingredients. Then I got to the recipe for Raw Vegan Brownies. I looked at the ingredients: walnuts? check; dates? check; cocoa? check; avocados? check; agave nectar? check; coconut oil? check; vanilla? check; salt? check; cinnamon? check. Brownies are go!

While they were ‘uncooking’ I had a glass of cab merlot:

21April2010 013

An hour later and the brownie was ready. I enjoyed a big slice with a cup of decaf coffee:

21April2010 009

It was a nice relaxing day.

Water with meals: 4/4


Dianna Broeren said...

Sorry I'm a day late to wish you Happy Birthday! Your day looks seriously super! I love the movies...especially gold class :) Hope your next year is fantastic and you achieve all the goals you set yourself! XX

Charlotte Orr said...

Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes Di. Cheers, Charlotte

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great day.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Michelle!

Raechelle said...

What a lovely day! Belated happy birthday to you both! And you looked great in the pic...very nice tri!
That brownie looks like another one for the file...;-0

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Raechelle! Your post-comp recipe file must be getting pretty full!