Saturday, April 3, 2010

Measurement Day

I know these results are skewed because of my lack of food and fluids over the last couple of days, but here they are: since last Saturday my weight is down 1.1kg , waist is down 2cm. 

Stomach is feeling better today. Not 100%, but less pain after eating.

Yummy breakfast this morning:

3April2010 008 

German Chocolate Oatmeal (I made mine with soy milk, 1/2 tsp stevia instead of 1tsp, no coconut, and approx 1Tbsp pecans)

Very appropriate breakfast, since I am proofreading a book about Germany for Lonely Planet at the moment.

Followed my oatmeal up with a small smoothie:

 3April2010 009

water, chocolate protein powder, banana, rainbow chard

Read the paper, talked to Rob and did some work then had lunch:

 3April2010 011

 sprouted grain bread topped with homemade lentil burger, cheese, red onion and tomato, and a lettuce-leaf top spread with mustard

3April2010 010

with top on and a side of salad mix drizzled with olive-oil and lemon-juice dressing

It was a beautiful afternoon so I sat outside and did some work for a couple of hours then had a snack:

3April2010 012

almonds and apple

I got through this amount of nuts easily at the start of the week. Not today though:

3April2010 013


Headed inside to do a bit more work on the computer, with a coffee break to catch the last of the day’s rays

3April2010 014

coffee with lactose-free milk

The boys made dinner again tonight:

3April2010 016

kangaroo mini roast, sweet potato, salad with balsamic dressing

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight!

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