Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Square Meals

My stomach is almost back to normal, although I still don’t have much of an appetite. For the last five years or so I've eaten at least five small meals a day. Today I only managed three.

For breakfast I had Blueberry Dumpling Oatmeal (I used soy milk and less stevia):

6April2010 001

I would normally have a smoothie with my breakfast but I just couldn’t fit it in.

Lunch was a piece of sprouted grain toast topped with refried black beans, salsa and avocado, with some salad on the side (this was yum!):

6April2010 004

Dinner was leftovers from yesterday's tofu stir-fry:

6April2010 005

and half a pear:

6April2010 006

Had a late night working to meet a deadline, propped up by a coffee with lactose-free milk:

3April2010 014


Chelle, something odd happened with my comments yesterday and I can't get them to publish. Rainbow chard is similar to silver beet but it has coloured stalks.


(pic from Miss Organic)


Chelle said...

Cool thanks babe, glad you're starting to feel better =)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Chelle, so am I!

Lauren said...

Hope you are back to 100% soon Charlotte :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lauren!