Sunday, April 18, 2010


I’ve been making my oats in the evenings lately. I’m glad they were waiting for me this morning as I had a sleep-in and was feeling a bit shaky when I got up. So I didn’t bother with girth measurements this morning; I just jumped on the scales then heated up my breakfast.

[Side note: my weight was the same as last Saturday. I’ve started exercising again since then but have eaten more – due to the exercise increasing my appetite and being pre-menstrual. Overall I’m happy I’ve been able to maintain my new low achieved last weekend.]

This morning I had Honey Nut Oatmeal:

17April2010 018

and a couple of boiled egg whites:

16April2010 009

Then we were out the door to go and look at a house we are interested in. I had my morning tea on the train on the way home.  A protein drink:

17April2010 002 

and an apple and some almonds:

17April2010 001

Lunch was Crispy Roasted Chickpeas with Moroccan Spices and spicy tofu on salad of romaine lettuce, coriander, spring onions and tomatoes:

17April2010 004

For afternoon tea I had ultimate chocolate mousse topped with a couple of strawberries:

17April2010 003

and a protein shake:

17April2010 005

Dinner was a shared affair with our neighbours

17April2010 015

I had pizza (inspired by Meghann's) made on a gluten-free wrap with tomato paste, kale, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese and swiss cheese (x 2):

17April2010 014

and a glass of sparkling shiraz:

17April2010 007

We sat outside until quite late. I finished up with soy hot chocolate:

17April2010 016


Maraina said...

Gday Charlotte. I came across your Blog a couple of weeks back. I absolutely enjoy your recipes. I get myself in a pickle to find a variety of snacks & other dishes. Thanks for posting pictures too. I really like them. I look forward to new & exciting meals. Thanks :)


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Maraina, thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you enjoy the recipes and pics!