Sunday, April 4, 2010


After being house-bound for the last 72 hours I was hanging to do something this morning. Had a lovely walk to the park. When we got home I had a breakfast smoothie made with water, chocolate protein powder, banana and rainbow chard:

4April2010 001

Then I made the mistake of having some granola – my stomach was in agony afterwards. Anyway, I had it with lactose-free milk, and diced strawberries and feijoas:

4April2010 005

Feijoas are common in New Zealand (people often have feijoa trees growing in their back yards in the upper North Island) but quite hard to come by in Melbourne. They are shaped like a roma tomato, but have firm green skins:

4April2010 002

To eat them you cut them open and scoop out the flesh:

4April2010 003

4April2010 004

The texture is quite grainy. This one was only just ripe, so it was quite tangy. They can become quite sweet when very ripe though, almost like a banana.

The granola was pretty sweet so the tangy feijoa made a nice contrast. It was all a bit too much for my stomach though.

Craig made roast lamb for lunch, so I just had a side plate with a little bit of meat, a piece of pumpkin, a couple of small pieces of sweet potato and some broccoli:

4April2010 006

Later in the day I had a snack consisting of some grapes:

4April2010 007

and a vanilla protein shake:

4April2010 008

Then a bit later another snack of an apple and almond butter

4April2010 009

My stomach has definitely shrunk!


Raechelle said...

Looks like a yummy day! ;-0

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Raechelle, it was!