Friday, April 2, 2010

Not So Good Friday

Today is my first day of blogging with Windows Live Writer. It’s a program I can use on my PC to create my blog posts. It means I can create my post without logging into Blogger and it makes loading photos into my post much quicker. Thanks to Meghann for the suggestion.

OK, on with today’s ‘show’.

This morning I was a bit shaky when I got up (body needed some food) but my stomach still didn’t feel right so it put me off eating anything straight away. I decided to test it out first by sipping on some water.

A bit later I braved this for breakfast

2April2010 001

Sprouted grain toast

That went down OK so when Rob made French toast for his breakfast I had a little bit

 2April2010 002

Sprouted grain bread dunked in free-range egg, cooked and sprinkled with cinnamon. Side of grilled bacon and banana (love these two together!), and a strawberry.

In the early afternoon Luke, one of Rob’s mates, came over for a visit. Luke bought his dog Harvey over. It was the first time that he and TJ had met.

 2April2010 003

Poor Harvey, I think TJ had a ‘man crush’ on him and wouldn’t leave him alone!

2April2010 004

I was planning on going to the gym today, but my stomach wasn’t up to it. I passed on a walk to the park with the dogs too.

For lunch I felt like having some soft comfort food 

 2April2010 006

Organic baked beans, sprouted grain toast, avocado, tomato, red onion, mushrooms. 

It was hard to concentrate on work today, what with having a sore stomach, plus four noisy men and two big dogs in the house. So I got out of my office for a while, took some more pics of the dogs

2April2010 010 

2April2010 011

2April2010 012 2April2010 014

and had an afternoon snack

 2April2010 007

almond butter, royal gala apple

Then it was back to work.

The boys made dinner tonight:

2April2010 008

Kangaroo mini roast, salad with cos lettuce, capsicums, radish and tomatoes.

Stomach still not quite right. Hope it’s better tomorrow!

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