Wednesday, July 25, 2007

10.5 weeks to go

Weight: 58kg

Food: Five meals per day, currently on a rotating calorie-based plan. Eg, low day (low protein, carbs and fat), medium day (med protein, carbs and fat), high day (high protein, carbs and fat), then repeat.

Drink: 4L of water per day. I really struggle with this. If you see me, remind me to drink some water! No alcohol.

Supplements: Dymatize Elite protein powder and Berocca Performance effervescent tablets.

Training: 5 weight workouts per week, split into Chest, Quads, Shoulders & Arms, Hamstrings & Abs, Back. I usually train Monday to Friday, currently in the mornings.

Cardio: 4 30min sessions per week, usually following weights workouts.

To do this week: Order bikini