Thursday, April 29, 2010


Rob and I both had the morning free so we had a sleep-in then Rob brought me coffee in bed (bless). When I finally got up I had cheesy bacon oatmeal:

28April2010 002

plus a ruby red grapefruit:

 28April2010 003

I quite like this combo before a workout. It sits lightly in my stomach but keeps me going through my prehab exercises, weights and interval training. I’ve been doing kettlebell (or in my case, dumbell) swings for my intervals – they’re challenging but (weirdly) enjoyable.

Afterwards I had a shake with rice protein and banana:

 28April2010 004

followed by a stir-fry with garlic, chilli flakes, curry powder, broccoli, cabbage, tamari, sunflower seed butter and soba (buckwheat) noodles:

28April2010 005 

About 2/3 of the way through it I realised I’d forgotten to put in the spicy tofu I had planned to add during cooking, so just sliced some up and added it cold to the dish.

For dinner we had bean and corn enchiladas (thanks to Michelle for the suggestion):

28April2010 006 

I made these with white corn tortillas, which don’t roll well, but the dish still tasted good – Rob didn’t realise they were missing meat until his second helping!

I felt like having ice cream tonight, so I improvised. I blended together natural rice protein, water, almond essence, stevia and frozen cherries with a stab mixer, then mixed in some pecans. It was a bit runny, but still tasted good – I had two of these:

28April2010 007

Am still feeling a bit tired but think I’ve avoided getting Rob’s cold.


Michelle said...

We had the enchiladas on Monday. I put a little bit of organic beef skirt in ours. Very yummy

Charlotte Orr said...

Good idea!