Monday, August 13, 2012

Purple Protein Smoothie

This is my favourite smoothie at the moment.

red cabbage smoothie 1

The recipe calls for red cabbage, spinach, blueberries, cherries, coconut or almond milk, ice, bananas, chia seeds and protein powder, but it’s easy to make substitutions depending on what you have at hand (kale instead of spinach, mixed berries instead of blueberries and cherries, soy or rice milk instead of coconut or almond milk etc).

red cabbage smoothie 2



Anonymous said...

That looks soooo good. :)

Smoothie Maker said...

I love the color of the smoothie in your second photo. So vibrant ;)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lia!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks for your comment Smoothie Maker!