Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Productive Wednesday

I woke up before my alarm again this morning, which was nice. Got up and did my foam rolling, a B-circuit, and walked TJ for 20 minutes.

Breakfast was a mix of oats, cinnamon, flax meal, soy milk, Vega protein powder and walnuts, plus a mandarin.

After showering and getting dressed I headed into town to drop off my work. Disaster struck on the train - my drink bottle leaked all over my work! When I got into the office I went to the ladies' and dried it off as much as I could under the hand drier. Luckily it was all still legible!

Then it was shopping time! My mission was underwear shopping. To say I hate shopping for underwear is an understatement. I am an odd size - I have a small ribcage but am otherwise 'well-endowed' - so often have trouble finding something to fit. I usually come home from underwear shopping empty-handed and in a foul mood.

After fueling up with an Organic Protein Bar, I headed up Bourke St to Lululemon Athletica to try on Ta Ta Tamer. They were as good as the Fitnessista said they were. The store had two in my size, a black one and a blue one, but blue one didn't sit quite right so I only came away with the black one.

Then it was back down to Bourke St mall and into the David Jones food hall for some chickpea and pumpkin salad, and Morrocan vegetable salad. After lunch I went to the women's underwear section of David Jones to check out their 30% off sale.

First of all I wanted to find a skin-toned strapless bra to go under the dress I'm wearing to a wedding this weekend. I tried on about six and settled on a Calvin Klein one.

That mission accomplished, I then wanted to find some new T-shirt bras. I wanted something without lace (too scratchy) but that didn't look like something your grandma would wear. I tried on a Berlei Barely There bra, which was really comfortable. I could have done with an 8DD but they don't make them in that size, so 10DD it was - three please!

It was a very successful underwear shopping day! I stopped in at Evelyn Faye afterwards to grab a couple of things, then had a cajun tofu salad from Habib Wholefoods on Flinders St before heading home.

Rob had cooked some pork loin chops for dinner, so I had one with some broccolini and asparagus tossed in Flora pro-active.

I'd been craving a Magnum for a couple of days so had one for dessert tonight. I reckon I did about six hours' of walking while shopping today, so enjoyed sitting on the recliner with my feet up eating my Magnum.


Kathleen said...

Oooh, I hate leaks! They ruin everything. Great job on the underwear shopping! It must feel so good to have some things that fit, now. Chickpea and pumpkin salad sounds intriguing. And ending the day with ice cream is just perfect!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kathleen, it was a nice way to end the day!

Chelle said...

I agree, underwear shopping is the WORST! I've heard good things about Berlie Barely There bras, so i might just have to check them out! (plus i have a David Jones giftcard too!)... Have you tried the new Magnum Temptation? It's da bomb!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Chelle - hope you find something you like! Haven't tried the Magnum Temptation - will have to keep that in mind for next time. Cheers!