Sunday, November 7, 2010


I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday while walking TJ. I've been doing a lot of pull-ups (palms facing away from me) lately, which basically puts my shoulder in the same position as it was when I busted it skiing in 1993. And my shoulder has been aching quite a lot lately. So since pull-ups 'hurt' I won't be doing them any more. Rob got into my rhomboids, levator scap and thoracic fascia quite hard yesterday so I'm feeling much looser in that area now. I'll just subsitute chin-ups (hands facing towards me) instead, as they don't seem to bother me.

Along with the BCAAs I received on Friday, I also got a Gym Boss Interval Timer, so I've been playing with it a bit today. Looking forward to testing it out properly on Tuesday!

Today's log:

On rising: Combust with BCAAs (out of lemons)

Exercise: walk with TJ and Rob

Breakfast: oatbran porridge with soy milk, sugar and mixed berries

Snack: pear, fibre drink

Lunch: gluten-free wrap with hummus, felafels, wheat-free tabbouleh and chilli sauce

Snack: apple, almond butter, fibre drink

Dinner: okra curry, tofu, basmati rice

Snack: fibre drink, apple

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