Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday 16 November

6.00 lemon water with Combust and BCAAs

foam rolling then
- 30/30 calisthenics circuit for 20 minutes
- power walk for 20 minutes (explored the neighbourhood a bit more)
- walk TJ for 20 minutes (went to the park)

8.00: protein shake, oats with soy milk, banana, cinnamon and flax meal

shower and get dressed

10.30: (a bit too much) almond butter, pear

3.30: protein shake

5.00: fruit and rice chia bread

6.20: 90-minute walk up to Mt Ridley and back. It was flat most of the walk, with a nice steep bit near the end (I like hill walks). Wish I'd taken my camera - some beautiful views of Melbourne city in the distance.

8.30: mandarin, roast chicken breast, Sichuan slaw: bean sprouts, shredded carrots and celery, minced fresh chili, soy sauce, sesame oil and a bit of palm sugar. Topped with chopped nuts and chopped basil, mint and coriander. Yum!


Kathleen said...

Wow, this sounds so delicious. I have never paired almond butter with pear before, LOL! Sounds like it might be good. What is rice chia bread? Your walk sounds glorious!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kathleen, I did enjoy the walk thanks! The bread is gluten-free - it contains dried fruit, rice flour and chia. It has quite a chewy texture, which I like. Very moreish though!