Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday 20 November

Glands still up a bit this morning but energy levels better.

On rising: lemon water with BCAAs

60-minute walk with TJ

Breakfast: smoothie with pomegranate juice, soy milk, kiwifruit, mixed berries, lime, avocado, spinach, Vanilla Chai Vega and water

Snack: mandarin; scrambled eggs, tomato, asparagus

Lunch: gluten-free bread with Flora pro-active; tofu stir-fry with ginger, chilli, red cabbage, bok choy and red onions

Gardening: dug out a few unwanted shrubs in an overcrowded section of the garden - hard work! We have a loquat tree in our front yard that has lots of ripe fruit on it at the moment. I decided to make a smoothie to have after gardening (along with some gluten-free fruit bread).

Loquat & Banana Smoothie
- 200g loquats (about five - there's not that much flesh once you take the stones out!)
- 50g over-ripe banana
- 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Sun Warrior)
- ice and water to taste

This was so nice - a tangy (loquat), sweet (banana) combination, a bit like drinking yogurt.

Snack: more stir-fry

Snack: 1.5 glasses sparkling shiraz, cashews

Late dinner: grilled pork loin chop, corn on cob, veggie patty
Thought it would be fun to show you a 'his and hers' shot (mine's the one at the back). Rob was salivating over my shoulder while I was taking the photo...


Kathleen said...

Wow, I learned something new today! Never heard of a loquat before!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kathleen, I think they are originally from China, but they seem to grow pretty well here!