Friday, November 26, 2010


No foam rolling this morning - I did a fasted blood test (to check my cholesterol) at 8am and when I got home I just wanted to get into my exercise. I had half a scoop of protein powder then headed out to do sprints then walk TJ. By the time I was done I was pretty hungry.

Breakfast: mix of oats, strawberries flaxmeal, cinnamon, soy milk, rice protein powder and walnuts, plus a mandarin

Snack: Vega protein shake

Lunch: veggie patties, gherkin, mustard, tomato sauce, mixed beans and cabbage

Snack: Soyco Japanese tofu; cabbage wedges dipped in salsa

There was a flash flood here this afternoon. We had lightning and thunder directly over the house, then it hailed and poured with rain.

Here's some of the hail on our back doorstep

This 'river' is actually the street that we live on

snack: soy hot chocolate

Dinner: dory, silverbeet, onion and garlic sauteed in olive oil, sweet potato chips

Snack: ultimate chocolate mousse

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Kathleen said...

Oooh, fasted blood test. Yuck. Gherkin is such a funny word! Cabbage dipped in salsa is a combination I would not think of in 100 years. The flood pictures are awesome (not so much for you, I understand, but cool to look at!). Soy hot chocolate sounds amazing. So do sweet potato chips, I love them! Isn't it amazing that there are about a billion ways to eat and enjoy each vegetable/fruit?!