Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Down, down, down

Blood test results are in! My cholesterol has dropped from 6.0 (measured mid-August) to 5.4 (measured at the end of November). My doctor is pleased with my results and said to continue what I am doing (as it still needs to come down a bit more). I have been following the principles outlined in the Portfolio Diet since mid-October, but have added more plant-based sources of protein in the last couple of weeks to support my training. My doctor thinks that doing regular exercise is helping too.

Today's exercise:
- foam rolling
- High Tension, Slow-Mo: Push-ups & Pull-ups
- 10 minutes stair stepping
- walk TJ

I got freaked out while walking TJ this morning as a staffy came running up to us (TJ has been bitten by a similar dog in the past). All good though - turns out it was only a (big) puppy and wanted to play. He and TJ had a great time playing in the water and TJ was still super-excited when we got home. He didn't want to have his lead taken off...

He eventually slowed down for a towel-dry...

Then decided he still wanted to play

He's still just a puppy at heart!


Breakfast: mix of oats, water, Sunwarrior rice protein, cinnamon, flax meal, walnuts, almonds and mixed berries; mandarin

Snack: Vega protein shake

Lunch: lentil salad with olive-oil dressing

Snack: warm tofu and vege salad with olive-oil dressing

Dinner: porterhouse steak, mashed garlic cauliflower with Flora pro-active; glass of cab merlot

Snack: Vega protein shake (half serve) with cacao powder


Kathleen said...

What a cute dog! Good job on the cholesterol.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kathleen!

lastchancetraining said...

That is a fantastic effort on the cholesterol. I have genetically high cholesterol as well and am sitting at 5.3 last visit (HDL/LDL ratios are good though). I'll have to get onto the Pro Activ.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Liz! Hope it helps.