Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've been hungry and eating my dinner (M5) at about 5pm the last few days. Need to tweak something somewhere!

Today's food
M1: protein shake, peach
walk with Rob and TJ
M2: chocolate covered strawberry quinoa, egg whites
M3: tuna salad on ryvita crackers
M4: kangaroo chilli, broccoli
M5: chicken, apple and walnut salad
M6: choc peanut butter pudding
*edited to add the following*
M7: 2 peaches, sunflower seed butter on toast, sunflower seed butter and craisins


Michelle said...

M2: chocolate covered strawberry quinoa???

Quinoa with strawberries and chocolate protien powder? or something even more exciting?

Sounds Yum

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Michelle, I used the following recipe but substituted quinoa flakes for oats. I also added 3/4 cup egg whites to it while cooking, but I think choc protein powder added at the end instead would make it more 'chocolately'.