Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Fruit

Today I got my fruit and vege delivery from Miss Organic. I ordered one of their raw foodies boxes. I specified a couple of likes and dislikes but left the rest up to them.

Here's the box just after it arrived:

Open sesame:

Unpacked box:

See the little red fruit at the front next to the avocado?

It's a mangosteen:

Neither Rob or I have had one before so we shared it tonight. It's quite sweet, with a bit of a citrus tang. Yummy!


Today's food
walk with Rob and TJ
M1: apricot dumpling oatmeal (based on this recipe), egg whites
M2: apple pie smoothie (half)
M3: sprouted grain bread, lentils, fajita veg, rocket, salsa, cheese
M4: apple pie smoothie (half)
M5: thai tofu and red cabbage stir-fry
M6: mangosteen, grapes, apple


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Charlotte. I had contemplated going witht his crowd, but their prices are too much for me. (I'm a single mum on a pension; hoping it will change soon!) You have obviously never been to SE Asia? Mangosteens are like apples over there. Heaven on earth!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kate, I do like their stuff - so fresh and a great variety. No, haven't been to SE Asia yet - that's next on the holiday list!