Monday, March 29, 2010

Program 1.2, Day 1

Switched my training to lunchtime today. Evenings are too busy, and I've been finding it hard to get work done after training first thing in the morning - too wiped out. So now I can walk in the mornings, have a decent breakfast, be productive with my work, get away from my desk at lunchtime, then do some work that doesn't require as much concentration in the afternoons.

Today's workout consisted of foam rolling and mobility and corrective exercises followed by
-rack pulls
-cable rows
-BB split squats with front squat grip
-single-arm DB bench
-tall kneeling PNF
-ab wheel rollouts
followed by some intervals on the crosstrainer.

Loved it!

Today's food
M1: choc beet banana smoothie; banana flax oatmeal with walnuts
M2: hummus, carrot and cucumber sticks
train, day 1 (BCAAs)
M3: kangaroo sausage, veggie burger, dried figs
M4: Cherry Pie Larabar (tasted more like cranberries than cherries to me)
M5: tofu stir-fry, brown rice

I will lose 10kg by 31 December

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