Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

*Rob is planning to compete in the Victorian Jiu Jitsu Championships in two weeks. He needs to drop approx 2kg to make weight. He should manage it pretty easily just by taking out alcohol and his weekend chocolate-biscuit fix. But just in case, we've also upped his protein slightly and dropped his carbs back a bit. We're eating different food at the moment, so I'm doing double duty in the kitchen. Thank god it's just for two weeks!

*I'm also helping one of his mates who is doing the same comp. He wants advice on how to drop 4kg in that time. His diet is currently low in protein and high in junk food, so I think that by increasing his protein he will feel fuller and be less likely to eat junk. I've given him some suggestions so will see how he is going in a week.

*My size 8 jeans fit again. OK, I have a bit of a 'muffin top' happening, but I can get them on and done up.

*My next batch of work arrived today. I am proofreading a book for kids on how to draw fantasy art (fairies, vampires, dragons etc). I'm looking forward to starting on it!

Today's food
M1: pumpkin oatmeal with sunflower seed butter
M2: banana berry shake
M3: tuna salad pita
M4: kangaroo chilli, broccoli
M5: chicken, apple and walnut salad
M6: choc peanut butter pudding

I will lose 10kg by 31 December


Kerry W said...

Well done on fitting into those size 8 jeans Charlotte! Woohoo! :P

Anonymous said...

That means you got the job? You may have already mentioned it, but my 6am skims mean I sometimes miss something :-/

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kerry!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kate, haven't heard anything about the job yet. I usually work from home but applied for an in-house job. Cheers, Charlotte