Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Quiet Day

I was awake until the early hours with a sore stomach so was feeling pretty low in energy this morning. I was quite happy just to plod around the park with Rob and TJ, and Luke and Harvey.

I also walked down to the supermarket to get some more yoghurt for breakfast. I had it with some rolled oats and barley, banana and cinnamon

I ate my breafast while reading the paper, then walked to the garden centre and back to buy a plant to fill a gap in our hedge (pic tomorrow after it's planted)

Then I walked back to the supermarket and picked up some things to make lunch: a turkey and salad roll

So even though I didn't do any 'training' today, I did lots of walking.

I did a few things on the computer this afternoon, then Rob and I made dinner. He did steak, mushrooms and onion on the barbecue, and I did the chips (sweet potato and parsnip) in the oven

Might be watching another movie tonight. Not sure what yet.

See you tomorrow!

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