Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dog Day

I slept really well last night. When I woke up I decided I felt like doing cycling for my cardio, so after a bit of foam rolling I headed off to the gym for 45 minutes on the bike.

When I arrived home I had a quick breakfast of rolled oats and barley topped with lactose-free yoghurt and dried cranberries

Then we headed out to take TJ for a walk. On the weekends we often meet up with Luke and his labrador Harvey and go for a longer-than-usual walk
TJ and Harvey

Today we walked right down the end of the off-lead zone. It reminds me of a country road in parts

At one stage TJ disappeared into the reeds beside the creek. When he came out he was very muddy and pleased with himself!

Harvey was much more civilised, doing his best frog impression in a clean section of the creek

After we got home I did some sweeping and mopping before my stomach started telling me it was lunchtime. Today it was a big salad (olive oil dressing) topped with leftover chicken sausages, plus a cape seed roll with avocado (not pictured)

Just having a quiet afternoon today. We are supposed to be going to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner tonight.


Gillian said...

You eat really yummy food!!:)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Gillian!