Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

“In the area of training, I have learned that more is not always better. That patience is a virtue. That one must listen to their body and not to the goals that their ego has set forth. That it takes your connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) much longer than muscle to adapt to training increases. I have learned that it takes more discipline to hold myself back from training too much than it does to get out and train.” (Tim van Orden at Running Raw)

I can really identify with this statement. My mind has always issued orders that my body can’t necessarily carry out. I’ve slowly learnt that it’s better to listen to my body and ‘fight another day’ rather than blindly follow a program that drives my body into the ground.

I’m slowly increasing the intensity of my training, but when last week’s jump proved too much, I took a step back and now I’m feeling better for it.

This morning I did a 7km treadmill jog. It felt good, but it’s  frustrating that the treadmills at the gym time out after 20 minutes (even when it’s not busy), so I have to restart and keep going. Might have run outside tomorrow for a change.

Breakfast this morning was quinoa, cherries and yoghurt

jan 25 01

Lunch was a Greek salad with roast beef, plus a gluten-free wrap with sterol spread (not pictured)

Jan 25 02

Dinner was a prawn, cucumber and mango salad

Jan 25 03

It was nice but I have a feeling I’m going to be hungry again pretty quickly.

See you tomorrow!


Magda said...

I too can identify with that opening statement. Having a number of chronic injuries that must be managed (they cant be cured) means I cant always do what my brain and heart desire. I'd LOVE to do another half marathon but my body just wont let me. Such is life.


Charlotte Orr said...

Yes, it's hard to come to terms with sometimes. But at least we still have the ability to get out and do something.