Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cafe Sunday

I like to go out for breakfast on Sunday mornings. The closest cafe to us is about 25 minutes' walk away and also happens to be on the way to Bunnings. We needed a new gate latch, so we decided to walk to that cafe then on to Bunnings to get the latch, then back home.

At the cafe I had berry pancakes
Yes, they were huge, and no, I did not get through them all!

I'm starting back at work next week and won't have time to pop down to the shops each day to get things, so on our return home I wrote up our shopping list then went and did the weekly shop.

After shopping I had an egg and lettuce sandwich

In the afternoon we did a little bit of light gardening. Rob dug out the rose bush at the front of the property

It was the only gap in the hedge along the front. We replaced it with this

Which should grow up to look like the other one we have in the same hedge (with the pink flowers)

Dinner was salmon with lentils and spinach

Tonight we are watching Red Dragon (prequel to Silence of the Lambs).

See you tomorrow!

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