Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've been tagged by Liz at Last Chance Training to post some things about myself and answer some questions, so here goes...

11 random facts about me
1. I've been with Rob for nearly 18 years.

2. We don't have a car. If we want to go somewhere we walk or take public transport.

3. TJ (our labrador) sits on the couch with us and sleeps on our bed.

4. We had a cat for 13 years who also used to sleep on our bed.

5. I didn't sleep well wedged between a cat and a dog!

6. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression).

7. I have had my appendix out.

8. I wanted to be an architect when I was growing up.

9. My favourite fruits are cherries and figs.

10. My favourite meal is breakfast.

11. For my 21st birthday I had a champagne breakfast.

Here are Liz's questions (and my answers)
1) Morning or evening person

2) How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?
Depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going (going to gym/walking TJ/working from home/working in an office). Minimum 10 minutes, max one hour (if I have to wash and dry my hair).

3) What’s your weekly grocery bill?
$250 to $300 (two big eaters and a big dog)

4) How much of your grocery bill is whole foods?
Approx 90%. We eat lactose-free and mostly gluten-free so that means mostly whole foods.

5) Your opinion of daylight savings?
I just wish it was the same time all year round. I have a lot of trouble adjusting to the time changes each year.

6) Mac or PC?
I have a PC (laptop) but have used Macs in the past at work and like them.

7) Grab your IPOD and hit “shuffle” – what’s the first song that comes up? Is it a favourite or so so?
I don't have an iPOD.

8) Your favourite blog of the moment?
I like reading a variety of different blogs.

9) Favourite pizza topping?
Usually something vegetarian.

10) Proudest moment lately?
Re-creating our garden. Nearly there!

11) Your favourite physical activity?


This morning's cardio was 30 minutes on the stepper followed by 20 minutes on the treadclimber.

For breakfast I used the same ingredients as yesterday but put everything together in a bowl instead of a glass

Still tasted just as good!

Lunch was a curried egg sandwich

And dinner was pan-fried fish with roasted veges and potato

See you tomorrow!

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