Monday, January 2, 2012

Park Circuit

Happy New Year!

This morning after doing some foam rolling I went to the park across the road with Rob and TJ. Late last year the council put in some exercise equipment and we've been using it a bit over the last few weeks.

Today we did a lap of the park to warm up, then started with press-ups: incline plyo push-ups with a clap for Rob, incline push-ups for me.
Rob did a set, then I did a set, then we repeated. (We did this for all exercises except the walking lunges at the end.)

Then we moved onto the chin-up station. Rob did regular chin-ups, I did mine with a band for assistance.

A bit further round is a shoulder press station. There's no weight on this, but it's still reasonably heavy. Rob does his with single arms until he fatigues, then finishes off with both arms. I start with both arms.

Next is an ab station. Rob tried doing some single leg raises.

I used the same piece of equipment, but improvised to work my back again.

By this stage TJ was getting pretty hot, so we headed down the hill to the creek so TJ could have a swim and a drink.

We then did walking lunges back up the hill
I counted about 80 lunges in total (40 per leg).

After that we walked out the stiffness in our legs from doing the lunges, stretched, and headed home for breakfast.
Crushed oat brits with lactose-free yoghurt and blueberries.

I love exercising outside in the sunshine when I can. I would love to be able to walk along the beach every day. Where's your favourite place to exercise?

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