Thursday, January 5, 2012

Could you disappoint this face?

Rob was away overnight so it was up to me to walk TJ this morning. I killed two birds with one stone by making it my cardio session - a 45-minute power walk. My feet started to get a bit sore during the walk, but it was good for TJ to get out and stretch his legs.

This morning's breakfast has been a regular feature lately:
Crushed oat brits, lactose-free yoghurt, blueberries

The rest of the morning was spent giving the downstairs of our house a tidy then taking TJ for another walk, this time to the supermarket and bakery to pick up a few things for lunch:
Big salad (olive oil dressing) topped with leftover dahl, and a cape seed roll with avocado (not pictured)

The afternoon was spent doing gardening. The area around our front door was pretty overgrown:

I weeded and pruned three shrubs back really hard, including my nemesis, the climbing rose:

I called it a day after dropping a rock on my foot then getting smacked in the face with a branch of rose thorns. I actually had to pull a thorn out of my face. Tomorrow the rose bush is being dug out!

After gardening I had another of my current favourites:
Lactose-free yoghurt, cherries, walnuts and almonds

Dinner is likely to be something with chicken.


Magda said...

Your food pics look delicious Charlotte (you can tell my dinner of left-overs was a bit light on LOL)


Kek said...

Ouch! Climbing roses are pretty, but that's probably not a great location for one. Plants that attack your visitors as they approach the door aren't ideal. Unless you don't like your visitors...

Anonymous said...

NO WAY - how could you not love that face!!!!!!!

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, thanks Magda!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kek, yes it was a bit sore! There have been a few things about this house and garden that have had me scratching my head. Or in this case, scratching me!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Fern, he is sweet, isn't he!