Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Your Best

I’ve just finished reading Be Your Best by Geoff Huegill, which Magda recommended. It was interesting to read about his swimming abilities at a young age, and his approach to training.

A couple of quotes that appealed to me:

“When I first started exercising again, I kept it really simple. The only goal I set was to make sure that I put in at least 20 minutes a day, whether it be in the pool, doing a spin class at my local gym or simply taking a walk. As long as I put in 20 minutes, I was a happy camper. Gradually over time that 20 minutes increased to 30, 45 and 60 – then I decided I wanted so swim for Australia again!”

“Don’t think you are going to be perfect. Everyone has down days. Just be the best you can on any given day.” 


This morning I did day one of program one. I felt quite tired when I got up (still adjusting to getting up earlier for work) but my energy levels seemed to pick up once I started exercising.

I’m still enjoying quinoa and yoghurt with berries for breakfast:

Jan 18 01

Lunch was a chicken salad, plus some Ryvita crackers with sterol spread (not pictured). Check out the yellow tomatoes!

Jan 24 02

I wanted to make lamb and tabouli for dinner (with beans instead of cracked wheat) but the supermarket didn’t have any parsley left. (I really should start growing my own herbs.) I ended up using chopped rocket instead.  Still tasted OK.

Jan 24 03

Off to watch more of the Australian Open tennis. See you tomorrow!


Magda said...

Glad you enjoyed the book Charlotte. I still pick it up and re-read some passages when I'm on the spin bike.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, onto the Lance Armstrong one next. Cheers, C