Thursday, December 16, 2010

Short Cycle

Had almost 12 hours sleep last night and still woke up feeling tired (thanks to TOM*) so decided to take it easy in the exercise department today. Did lots of gardening though so was still reasonably active.

- walking hill repeats for 25 minutes
- walk with Rob and TJ for 45 minutes

Breakfast: oats, almond milk, cinnamon, rice protein, mixed berries, walnuts


Lunch: Mediterranean Salmon Salad (I had the entire ingredients list from this Biggest Loser sandwich recipe but nixed the bread in favour of a head of baby cos lettuce.


Dinner: kangaroo patties topped with garlic and herb butter (made with Flora Pro-active), grilled eggplant and red pepper

Snack: Vega protein powder mixed with water, cacao powder, stevia and almond meal

*I have something screwy going on with my monthly cycle at the moment and suspect it's to do with the regular amount of soy I've been eating lately (a similar thing happened when I ate soy regularly about a year ago). Think I'll finish off what I've got in the fridge then take a break from it while we're away.


Chelle said...

I believe that too much soy isn't a good thing as it can mimic oestrogens in the body. Because of the mass production these days, its hard to know if its genetically modified or not. Having said that, soy doesn't seem to cause m/any problems for the (traditional) asian population!

How do you find the vega protein powder?? After i finish my tub of WPC i will be trialing pea protein next year. I'm hoping that cutting out this last bit of dairy might be the key to clearing up my skin!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Chelle, I like Vega, especially the Vanilla Chai flavour in shakes. The chocolate one I prefer to use in puddings. Good luck with the pea protein - I find it has a pretty strong taste but if you can disguise it in a shake you should be OK. Otherwise Sunwarrior rice protein is good.

Kathleen said...

Never had any problems with soy – then again, how much of it do I eat? Growing up, I was taught soy and tofu etc were healthy for you. I know now that everyone has concerns about soy and hormones, and that still seems very foreign to me. It was always seen as the healthy option in my family.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kathleen, soy milk seemed to be OK (lower concentration of soy protein I guess), but tofu, edamame etc just seems to make my period come more frequently - which I'm not so keen on!