Friday, December 3, 2010

Difficult De-cember

I liked the idea of Liz' De-cember goals, so thought I'd throw one out there of my own. I'm going to be focusing on adding more difficult exercise to my training. I'm pretty happy with my food intake at the moment but need to bump things up on the exercise front. I worked out that I'm only doing about two hours per week of 'difficult' exercise at the moment (I don't count foam rolling, dynamic warm-ups or walking TJ as 'difficult'). I'd like to get that up to about six hours per week. I won't be doing it all at once (as I'm likely to fall apart - plus I find it's easier to be consistent with my exercise if I only add a small blocks at a time) but from Monday onwards I'll start adding a bit more 'difficult' exercise each training day.

Friday's log

- foam rolling and warm-up
- 20-minute jog
- walk TJ

Breakfast: rice protein, oats, almond milk, flaxmeal, walnuts, mixed berries

Snack: vega protein shake

Lunch: black beans, spinach, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, alfalfa sprouts, olive-oil dressing

Snack: Soyco Japansese tofu, hummus, celery, carrots

Dinner: salmon skewers, spinach, tomato, cucumber, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, leftover okra, carrot

Snack: mix of rice protein, cacao powder and almond butter


lastchancetraining said...

Sounds like a good plan - and the slowly, slowly works well too.
:) cheers Liz ;)

Kathleen said...

How do you prepare your tofu?

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Liz!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kathleen, the Soyco brand I've been buying lately is marinated so I just eat it straight out of the packet, but I'm thinking about trying to make some 'tofu feta' (tofu marinated in apple cider vinegar, lemon and salt). Just have to find a recipe...