Sunday, December 12, 2010


Glad it's a rest day today. I have DOMs in my hammies from doing DB swings yesterday (for some reason I stretched every part of my legs afterwards except my hammies???). My chest is also still a bit sore from Friday's press-ups.

I tried to do a meal plan and shopping list today for the rest of the week but it just ended up making me feel overwhelmed. I've been happy just grabbing a few things each day from the shops as I need them and/or if they're on sale, so will continue to do that (luckily we're only a few minutes' walk from the shops so it's easy to do that).

Breakfast: small serve of the usual

Snack: Vega protein shake

Lunch: wheat-free tabbouleh (cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, parsley, mint, garlic) with chickpeas, hemp seeds, olive oil and lemon juice

Snack: Lotus Braised Tofu Cutlets, almonds, broccolini

Dinner: Mexi pizza on gluten-free wrap, peach

Snack: cocoa with almond milk