Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month One Down

Last day of the month and time to do measurements. Was going to get Rob to do my skinfolds today but he's been catching up with a friend from Newcastle for most of the weekend so will just post weight today.

Weight at start of year = 65.8, today's weight = 64.1 (down 1.7kg). 8.3kg to go!
I'm happy with that given that this month I had a week off training due to being sick and two days off with a sore lower back. These 'spanners in the works' are one of the reasons why I've given myself a deadline of 12 months to get this weight off. That way there's no stress about trying to get it off in a short time frame.

All going well with my back I'll be starting my new program tomorrow. I'll probably be training three times a week (as opposed to my current four times a week) but each workout includes a touch of energy systems training at the end (between 6 and 12 minutes of intervals), so hopefully that will keep things moving along. Food will stay the same for now.

Today's food
M1: protein shake, muesli, eggs
M2: spicy peanut chicken, bok choy, zucchini
M3: chicken salad, nuts
walk TJ
M4: kangaroo patty, sweet potato, mashed cauliflower
M5 (treat meal): homemade beef and bean nachos, mango and passionfruit frozen yoghurt

I will lose 10kg by 31 December


Anonymous said...

That's a great start to the year and with a start like that you'll reach your goal no problem Charlotte.

Way to go girl! :o) xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lia!