Thursday, January 14, 2010


My annoying cold is still hanging around. I was feeling so yuck I went to bed at 8.30 last night. This morning I made myself a really spicy larb gai (Thai chicken salad) for meal 2 and that seemed to help a bit. Appetite is slowly decreasing as the only exercise I've done this week is slow walking. Am feeling really frustrated about not being able to train, but I know if I do it will just take me longer to get over this cold. Hopefully I'll be back into it on Monday.

Today Lauren asked, WHO'S ON YOUR life. Tell us who supports you and keeps you sane from day-to-day.

First of all I would have to say my husband, Rob. We met at a gym, and so we have always had training and eating well in common. He is supportive of everything I do, and always has positive things to say about me, whether I'm in competition shape or 15kg heavier. He is a great listener, and I often feel like he knows me better than I know myself.

Then there is TJ, my walking partner. The moment I open my eyes in the morning he gets excited. He makes noises until I get out of bed, and leaps about when I pick up my hat, jacket, shoes... It's easy to walk in the morning when I get to put this smile on his dial:

We have two couples who we regularly spend time with. They aren't into exercise as much as us, but they are really supportive of what we do (my competitions and Rob's grappling). They want to come along and watch when we compete, they always ask what we can and can't eat, and don't blink an eye when we bring our own food. The first year I competed we got this photo together with all of us 'posing':

The blogging community are also a fantastic source of support. I've met some lovely people who share the same goals and make me feel like I'm part of a bigger community.

Lia, Rae and me

My family in New Zealand are also great. My parents bought me my first gym membership when I was about 15 or 16, and I often get a 'good luck' message from them before my comps. When I competed in New Zealand my sister, her husband and their boys came along to watch. It was hilarious to hear my nephew talking about me while I was up on stage. And the boys are always interested in trying my food when I go to stay with them.

Today's food
walk TJ
M1: 'muesli', eggs
M2: larb gai, walnuts
M3: chicken stir-fry
M4: chicken and salad sandwich on sprouted grain bread
M5: fish curry with brown rice

I will lose 10kg by 31 December


Anonymous said...

Support networks are crucial to any positive lifestyle. We all need them no matter how small or big there are. I'm just glad that I'm one of yours as you are mine. ;o) xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Lia, hope you have a great weekend!