Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday I read an interesting article on overeating in the Sunday Herald Sun. I particularly liked this bit:

If you look at junk food and think, "That's my friend... I'm going to have it because it makes me feel good," you're going to want it, Dr Kessler [author of The End of Overeating] says. A better thought pattern is "It's not real food, it won't satiate me and will make me feel disgusting." The first few times you try this it might feel a little strange, but eventually these thought patterns become second nature.


I took TJ out for a walk about 6am this morning before it got too hot, but that's all I managed today in the way of exercise. I've got a bit of a scratchy throat, and it's 42 degrees, so I had a nap instead of training this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting concept, I like it I like it a lot. Thanks Charlotte. ;o) xxx