Friday, February 10, 2012

Workout Alternative

This morning I felt quite tired so instead of doing a workout at the gym I decided to go for a walk with Rob and TJ then do a spot of ‘landscaping’. When I did the garden beds a few months ago, I pulled out lots of rocks. They’ve been sitting in a big pile by the garage, getting in everyone’s way

Feb 10 02

This morning I moved them all out to the driveway side of the house so we can eventually get rid of them all. It took me about half an hour to move them all

Feb 10 03

No more rocks to trip over!

I find gardening or landscaping is a great alternative to a traditional gym workout.

After my efforts I sat outside and enjoyed a banana blueberry smoothie

Feb 2 01

Lunch was a salad with mixed greens, celery, spring onions, tomato and canned chicken, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, plus a bread roll

Feb 10 04

Dinner was a salmon, chickpea and lemon frittata with salad, plus a slice of toast with sterol spread (not pictured)

Feb 10 05

Finished a big job for work today (proofreading a 480-page book) so am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend.

See you tomorrow!


Kerry W said...

Food looks delicious, as per usual Charlotte. Nice work on the rock removal. :) This weekend I plan to finally finish building the vege garden (which with all rain has become a haven for alot of weeds). It's time to plant some veges! I'm just looking forward to finally being able to do some gardening again.

Kortnee Barnes said...

What a fun and encouraging blog! I enjoy your posts! KEEP IT UP, GIRLFRIEND! :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kerry! I think a vege garden will be next on my garden agenda.

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kortnee!