Sunday, February 12, 2012

Banana & Peach Smoothie

No cafe breakfast this morning. I went to sleep with a headache and woke up with a headache (probably not enough water yesterday) so downed a couple of glasses of water then took TJ for a walk to the shops to get the Sunday paper and some yoghurt for a smoothie.

Banana & Peach Smoothie

Feb 11 02


- 1 cup skim milk (I used lactose-free)

- 200g plain yoghurt (I used lactose-free)

- 1 banana (approx 100g)

- half yellow peach (approx 50g)

- handful baby spinach


- Blend together and enjoy!


Lunch was tuna and beans

Feb 12 02 

with mixed greens, tomato and red onion

Feb 12 03

Dinner was roast chicken with roast pumpkin, onion and zucchini (it tasted better than it looks)

Feb 12 04

Off to watch Friends With Benefits. See you tomorrow!

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