Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Curry Dressing

This morning was lovely and sunny but not too hot. I jogged around the streets in our neighbourhood for about an hour, looking at everyone’s gardens.

When I got home I had the same smoothie as yesterday (lactose-free milk and yoghurt, dates, ground ginger and cinnamon, and rolled oats and barley), except this time I used a stab mixer instead of a blender. It did a much better job of mincing up the dates, so the smoothie was sweeter and I got the taste I was after – gingerbread!

Jan 31 01

Lunch was an egg salad with an easy and tasty dressing – 1/8th of a cup of plain yoghurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of curry powderFeb 1 02

plus some rice with leftover spicy tomato dressing and avocadoFeb 1 03

Dinner was gluten-free spaghetti with crab, lime and coriander, and some salad leaves. Feb 1 04

See you tomorrow!

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