Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fruit and Veg Delivery

Training this morning was day one of program one.

I used the last banana yesterday so had to think of something else to have in my smoothie this morning. We are still getting plums off one of our trees but I find the skins a bit sour so I threw them in the smoothie with some dates to sweeten them up. Much better!

Feb 7 01

Lunch was carrot and ginger soup, plus a bread roll with sterol spread, roast beef and tomato

Feb 7 02

In the late afternoon our fruit and veg arrived. Here’s a snapshot of what we received

Feb 7 03

And look, figs!

Feb 7 04


I had some silverbeet leftover from last week, and we received mushrooms today, so for dinner I made one of my favourite recipes combining these two ingredients: Swiss Chard and Mushroom Squares, on a piece of gluten-free toast.

Feb 7 05

Off to watch My Kitchen Rules (I recorded it so I could watch it with Rob when he got home). See you tomorrow!


Kerry W said...

Mmmm....it all looks so delicious Charlotte, especially the Swiss Chard and Mushroom Squares!

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Kerry!