Thursday, February 2, 2012

Banana Blueberry Smoothie

This morning Rob, TJ and I jogged around the park together for 40 minutes.

When I got home, I made a banana blueberry smoothie. It was delicious!

Feb 2 01

Banana Blueberry Smoothie


1 cup skim milk (I used lactose free)

200g low-fat yoghurt (I used Black Swan Greek style breakfast yoghurt, which is lactose free)

1 banana (the one I used was 125g)

25g blueberries

40g rolled oats (optional)


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy.

I had mine with oats, Rob had his without (he followed his up with eggs on gluten-free toast).


Lunch today was a salad with mixed salad leaves, red onion, tomato, cucumber and sliced roast beef, tossed with a horseradish dressing (1/8 cup plain yoghurt and 1 teaspoon horseradish), plus a roll with sterol spread

Feb 2 02

We received some zucchini in our mixed box on Tuesday. I much prefer zucchini if it’s ‘disguised’ in something (usually in grated form), so tonight I used it to make zucchini and dill hummus (except I replaced the dill with mint) and had it on a gluten-free wrap with lamb, tomato and parsley

Feb 2 03


Quick change of subject: I received an email yesterday offering me a three-month contract for a publisher I do a lot of work for, but it would have meant up to three hours of travel each day to get to and from work. I’ve done this in the past and have found it a struggle to fit in exercise, and my ‘diet’ often suffers as well. After discussing it with Rob and sleeping on it, I decided to decline the offer, and I will now only be doing ‘remote’ work for them (ie, from home). I really want to have a better work-life balance this year, rather than getting sucked into the work ‘whirlpool’ and getting spat out the other side feeling the worse for wear.

See you tomorrow!


Magda said...

Hi Charlotte, I love your new blog banner. Such a 'delicious' picture.

:-) Magda

Charlotte Orr said...

Thanks Magda, glad you like it!