Thursday, February 9, 2012

Show Me Your Salad Dressing

Do you have a favourite homemade salad dressing? Care to share?


This morning I felt like running on a softish surface so I went to the nearby footy oval and did laps around that for about 40 minutes. Made it a bit easier on my legs, but it was a bit boring!

Breakfast was a banana blueberry smoothie

Feb 2 01

For lunch I made a salad and topped it with a Thai Marinade

Feb 9 02

Feb 9 03

I also had a bread roll with roast pork (not pictured).

Dinner was very simple: steak, baby potatoes and corn

Feb 9 04

Don’t forget the butter!

Feb 9 05

OK it’s actually Flora Proactive Buttery, but you get the idea!


Magda said...

Here is a great salad dressing short cut. I buy marinated olives from the deli section of my supermarket (garlic and chilli or Thai flavour). After the olives are finished I keep the marinade (a flavoursome oil/vinegar mix) and use it sparingly as salad dressing. Its really yummy :-)

Charlotte Orr said...

Great, thanks Magda!